Discover Seven

Discover Seven

Seven, that's all the good things about your Isabel 6 multibanking application... plus that little bit more. Managing your banking online has never been easier, safer and more efficient!


 - A user-friendly financial dashboard

A user-friendly financial dashboard

An financial dashboard provides you all the information you need on one screen, including a balance chart per account, pending payments and the most recent transactions.
 - Choose between the Isabel SmartCard or itsme®

Choose between the Isabel SmartCard or itsme®

Isabel SmartCard or itsme®? Choose the login method that is easiest. You have the complete freedom to consult account information and sign payments anyplace, anytime.
 - Extensive filter and search options

Extensive filter and search options

With Seven's powerful search engine, it becomes really easy to find that specific transaction you were looking for. It's just a matter of seconds!
 - One-click Action button

One-click Action button

With the one-click Action button, you will access the most widely used functions in just one click. Wherever you are in the application: click the green button!
 - A business payment engine

A business payment engine

For both SEPA and non-SEPA business payments, Seven allows you to add valuable extra information like bank reference, urgency, reason code and so much more.
 - A mobile-friendly interface

A mobile-friendly interface

Seven is a mobile-friendly ebanking application and allows you to manage your payment processes using any device. At the office, in the train or on the way: you remain in control at all times!

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Get ready fot the future of multibanking

With Seven, managing account information an initiating payments from multiple bank accounts become a piece of cake. Desktop or smartphone? Isabel Smartcard or itsme? Your choice. This 30-minute webinar will familiarize you with the most important novelties of Seven: starting from your personal financial cockpit, you are in full control of your financial operations.

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Why Seven?

A stable, safe and reliable partner

A stable, safe and reliable partner -
Since 25 years, more than 70,000 organizations have chosen Isabel Group for their corporate multibanking processes. 10, 100 or 10.000 transactions? We handle them in a blink of an eye.

Mobile or desktop? Your choice

Mobile or desktop? Your choice -
Access your favorite corporate ebanking application from any device, using your preferred single login - the Isabel SmartCard or itsme. Time to run your business anyplace, anytime!

Direct access to 26 banks... and more

Direct access to 26 banks... and more -
Switching between different e-banking applications is a waste of time. With Seven, you get direct access to 26 connected banks in one single application. Adding extra banks is just a matter of seconds!

Is Seven the right multibanking solution for your organisation?