Seven or Isabel 6?

Should you choose Seven or Isabel 6 today? We will help you make the right choice!

Isabel 6

Do you want to work more efficiently in a multi-user corporate environment? The secure online multibanking platform Isabel 6 might the right tool for you. Collaborate with peers, export reporting files and upload payment files from your accounting software: Isabel 6 grows with your company.
  • Safe login using Isabel SmartCard
  • Unlimited number of users and bank accounts
  • Execute single or grouped payments
  • Multi-authorization for payments
  • Shared beneficiaries
  • CODA and accounting software integration


Available from the first quarter of 2020 for single-user environments, Seven is ideal if you want to manage your financial activities with a modern interface, both from your desktop and your mobile device. In the near future, Seven will be available for multi-user environments with even richer features!
  • Safe login using Isabel SmartCard or itsme
  • Access from your mobile device
  • Financial dashboard
  • Easily search movements on your accounts
  • Add extra banks on the go
  • More features to come soon!