Add more banks online

From now on, Seven enables you to add 7 extra banks online to see account information- in just a few minutes and, above all, at no extra cost!

You can add following banks in just a few clicks:

AXA Bank Banque de Luxembourg Europabank Keytrade Bank
BGL BNP Paribas Triodos Bank VDK Bank


How does this benefit me?

On top of the 26 banks already supported by Isabel, you can now see account information from more banks. Thanks to PSD2, adding a new bank is an entirely online process. Once the online onboarding process has been completed, you will immediately be able to view account information from the bank you just added. The list of available banks will increase significantly in the near future, but you can already add accounts from the banks mentioned above.

How much will it cost?

Using Seven with the new bank accounts added online, will be included in the Seven subscription without extra cost till April 2021. After this period, you will pay only 4 € per account and per month. Please contact Customer Care for more information about the future pricing for current or new Seven customers.


Adding banks online is a relatively new technology and, unfortunately, some banks do not have very stable API’s yet. Therefore, the stability of the connection with certain banks cannot be guaranteed 100%.

How can I add an extra bank in Seven?

Read the instructions to add an account from an extra bank in Seven.

Not using Seven yet? Contact us for more information.