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How can I access third party websites and applications?


Isabel provides each user with a class 3 commercial certificate. Other services and programs might accept your Isabel certificate as a means of identification.
Isabel does not own these services and does not decide which operation systems,browsers or cards are supported. Please contact the provider of the application or website.

If you encounter a problem using your Isabel certificate:

  • Verify if you have installed the latest version of the Isabel Security Components
  • Open the Isabel Control Panel
  • Install your certificate
  • If your certificate is successfully installed, please contact the provider of the application or website you are trying to connect to, as your card, card reader, and certificate are functioning correctly.

Websites and applications that accept Isabel certificates

FPS Finance Financial Services and Markets Authority National Bank
+32 (0)2/572 57 57
+32(0)2/221 30 01 –
Biztax eCorporate – FiMis Survey Onegate
Finprof Registration and management of intermediaries and lenders Sofista (annual accounts)
RV on web  / PRM on web

Some websites or applications require you to upload your certificate. You can export your certificate from your computer’s certificate store:

  • Open the windows control panel > Internet Options
  • Select the Content tab
  • Click Certificates
  • Select the Personal tab
  • Select the certificate you want to export and click Export…
  • Select No, do not export the private key and click Next
  • Select Base-64 encoded X.509 and click Next
  • Click Browse…, specify a file name and a location and click Next
  • Click Finish

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