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What is the correct configuration for the proxy server or firewall?


Allowed encryption protocol for Secure Connections is TLS 1.2

Https connections that are initiated by your browser (port 443):

URL IP Address
Seven website
Seven ebanking
Isabel login validations,
Isabel login validations
Pin activation via eid
Zoomit (Secure document storage)
Isabel invoices (download and view PDF)


Https connections made by the components installed by Isabel (port 443):

URL IP Address
Signing and downloading certificate,

Applications that require internet access (TCPcall):

File Name Usage
CardActivatorWrapper.exe Activation of an Isabel card
bisc.exe, isabel_bisc.exe Connection verification
isacertupdate.exe Automatic update of your Isabel 6 certificate
officesigncontrolpanel.exe Installation of your certificate from the Isabel Control Panel
/usr/local/Isabel/ connection verification when using Chrome, Firefox, Safari

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