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When can I migrate?


As an Isabel 6 customer, you do not have to take any action yourself to upgrade to Seven.
In the course of  2020 or 2021, Isabel will invite you to upgrade. From that moment onward, you will immediately be able to use the same functionalities in Seven as you were using in Isabel 6.

Seven roadmap

The following table gives an indication of the main expected features and when you may be invited to upgrade to Seven. However, this information is indicative only and will be updated regularly.

Features available today Expected in April-June 2020 Expected in July-September 2020 Expected in October-December 2020 Future versions
  • Maximum 1 user
  • Maximum 10 bank accounts
  • Authentication & signing via itsme (max. €25,000)
  • Single payments
  • Financial dashboard
  • Real-time account information via PSD2 (AXA Bank, Europabank, Keytrade bank, Banque de Luxembourg)
  • Unlimited number of bank accounts
  • Real-time account information via PSD2: additional banks
  • Basic reporting
  • Mobile app
  • Account labels & filtering
  • Payment file uploads
  • Real-time account information via PSD2: additional banks
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Payment initiation for PSD2 banks
  • Advanced reporting
  • Downloading reporting files (CODA)
  • Self-management
  • Real-time account aggregation
  • Multisigning
  • Sharing of beneficiaries
  • Isabel Connect
  • Blocking of international payments
  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • Advanced invoice information
  • Authentication & signing via IsaKey

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